About Me

My name is Steven Pemberton. I'm a software developer by trade based in the UK.
Like most of us, I spend a lot of my spare time coding, either on my own personal projects or contributing to the open source community.

I blog about anything I find interesting while I go about doing what I enjoy; Developing software and exploring new technology.
This includes code, language features, the web, frameworks, projects and pretty much anything else I think others may be interested in.

I hope you find my musings entertaining and/or helpful (preferably both!).
Personally, the posts I create here also help in bolstering my own knowledge and understanding. I therefore greatly appreciate any feedback given, no matter how small. I am always looking for people to learn from.
So, if you would like to provide feedback, ask a question, or simply get in touch, please feel free. Get in touch.

P.S. If you find anything wrong with the site, please let me know. Or better yet, open a pull request on GitHub.

Thanks for visiting!